Mobile Messenger

QA Team: 4 QA engineers
Project length: 1 year
Automated tests
Bugs found
Test cases designed
Critical and major bugs

The Challenge

Mobile Automation Testing of an instant messenger with end-to-end encryption algorithm.

With an instant messenger that uses end-to-end encryption algorithm, users have all conditions for secure messaging, secure calls, secure file sharing, etc. The client already had test cases, which were prepared by the in-house testing team.

The main task was to do automated testing of the full functionality of a mobile application on real devices, excluding the use of emulators.

In addition, it was necessary to reduce the time of regression testing which took about 5 days, before we started.

During the work, we also helped the client's in-house testing team with developing new test cases, since their test cases were poor.

The challenges we faced with:

  • Running tests using at least 3 devices in parallel;
  • Connecting a new device or replacing an existing one with minimal effort;
  • Problems of test logging;
  • Restarting failed tests;
  • WDA initialization instability;
  • And many others.
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We decided to use the Java + Appium + TestNG + Allure stack, and for the effectiveness of our solution, we used continuous integration based on Jenkins. When working with the client, we constantly kept in touch with their in-house testing team. Our QA Lead participated in the formation of test cases to automate testing at each sprint. We have built an effective process with the customer development and testing teams. Our solutions, in the form of starting work primarily on critical test cases, allowed the client to feel the results from the first week of cooperation. As the result the time of regression testing decreased from 5 days to 46 hours.

Services Provided

Mobile Automation Testing

Our engineers developed more than 1000 test cases in addition to the 2200 test cases from the client's in-house testing team

Mobile Testing

4 Full-time Automation QA engineers were involved in work with the project. They successfully developed more than 1700 tests, which covers about 3200 test cases.

Software Testing Consultancy

Our QA Lead was involved in the process of formation test cases for each sprint.