Amir Haramaty, CEO & Co-Founder, Aiola - How to make AI work for everyone, not just data scientists? | Breakfast Bar Podcast Series
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How to make AI work for everyone, not just data scientists?


Amir Haramaty

Amir Haramaty

CEO & Co-Founder

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In this episode of Breakfast Bar Podcast Series, Oleg Sadikov, the Co-Founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA, delves into the world of artificial intelligence and its transformative impact on businesses, guided by the insights of a serial entrepreneur and AI enthusiast, Amir Haramaty, the Founder of aiOla. The conversation offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricate intersections between AI, business, ethics, and innovation, providing listeners with actionable insights and thought-provoking reflections on the future of AI in the corporate world. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, or simply interested in the intersection of technology and business, this episode offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice from a seasoned industry leader.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The genesis of aiOla and the motivation behind focusing on speech-powered process completion and data capturing.

  • Inspiration in the field of artificial intelligence and technology, with insights into future innovations.

  • Exploration of personal interests and hobbies that complement professional life.

  • Evolving relationship between humans and AI in the workplace.

  • Considerations regarding ethical aspects of AI, including data privacy and bias mitigation.

  • Strategies for overcoming resistance to AI adoption and promoting widespread implementation.

  • Insights into making AI technology more accessible and beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Challenges associated with the lack of qualified specialists in the IT sector and the structure of aiOla's development team.

  • The shortage of qualified specialists in the IT sector along with insights into team structure and potential outsourcing.

  • How to measure success in collaboration with IT outsourcing vendors and advice for companies considering this route.

Join the Breakfast Bar to listen to engaging discussions guided by a prominent industry expert who willingly imparts a treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

Oleg Sadikov


Oleg Sadikov

Co-Founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA

As a tech entrepreneur and founder of Devico and DeviQA, Oleg excels in shaping business strategy, forging partnerships, and driving innovative transformation.

Amir Haramaty


Amir Haramaty

CEO & Co-Founder

Amir, a serial problem solver and entrepreneur, emphasizes the importance of failure in success. With a background in tech, he values identifying significant problems, crafting clever solutions, and delivering value at scale.

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