Chen Amit, CEO & co-founder, Tipalti - How to turn a fintech startup into a global corporation? | Breakfast Bar Podcast Series
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How to turn a fintech startup into a global corporation?


Chen Amit

Chen Amit

CEO & co-founder

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In this episode of Breakfast Bar Podcast Series, Oleg Sadikov, the co-founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA, speaks with Chen Amit, the co-founder and CEO at Tipalti. Gain exclusive insights into Tipalti's rapid expansion and Chen's evolution as a leader, navigating various transformations in the industry and the global economic landscape. From embracing AI technologies to managing talent acquisition and fostering a strong company culture, Chen offers invaluable wisdom for entrepreneurs seeking to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Chen's journey from novice to Founder of a global corporation with over 1000 employees in the payments industry.

  • Insights into the challenges and triumphs of scaling a startup.

  • Challenges and strategies involved in recruiting and onboarding top tech talent.

  • The benefits and potential pitfalls of a hybrid IT outsourcing model and how it evolves as the company grows.

  • Methods to employ for monitoring the work and performance of outsourced teams and the importance of integration with in-house teams.

  • Key strategies for talent acquisition, fostering company culture, and effectively monitoring and integrating outsourced teams.

Join the Breakfast Bar to listen to engaging discussions guided by a prominent industry expert who willingly imparts a treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

Oleg Sadikov


Oleg Sadikov

Co-founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA

As a tech entrepreneur and founder of Devico and DeviQA, Oleg excels in shaping business strategy, forging partnerships, and driving innovative transformation.

Chen Amit


Chen Amit

CEO & co-founder

Chen, Founder of Tipalti, began solo, tackling challenges head-on. His patient, methodical approach led to substantial assets, making Tipalti a formidable force in the industry.

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