Craig Buntin, Co-Founder & CEO, Sportlogiq - How to selectively consume information in the tech era? | Breakfast Bar Podcast Series
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How to selectively consume information in the tech era?


Craig Buntin

Craig Buntin

Co-Founder & CEO

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In this episode of Breakfast Bar Podcast Series, Oleg Sadikov, the Co-Founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA, engages in a conversation with Craig Buntin, the Co-Founder and CEO at Sportlogiq. The conversation takes you on a fascinating exploration of Craig's unique background, insights into his entrepreneurial ventures, and the groundbreaking developments in the world of AI-powered sports technology. Whether you're a sports enthusiast, tech aficionado, or aspiring entrepreneur, this episode promises a compelling narrative of passion, perseverance, and the limitless possibilities that arise when sports and technology converge.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The transition from an Olympic pairs figure skater, representing Canada on the grandest stage, to the Co-Founder and CEO of Sportlogiq.

  • How AI is reshaping the landscape of sports analytics, with a focus on unstructured data sets in youth sports and the development of personalized AI-driven highlight reels for parents.

  • The strategies employed by Sportlogiq to navigate challenges, including the unprecedented impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The transformative future where AI enhances the experience of watching and understanding sports at every level.

Join the Breakfast Bar to listen to engaging discussions guided by a prominent industry expert who willingly imparts a treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

Oleg Sadikov


Oleg Sadikov

Co-Founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA

As a tech entrepreneur and founder of Devico and DeviQA, Oleg excels in shaping business strategy, forging partnerships, and driving innovative transformation.

Craig Buntin


Craig Buntin

Co-Founder & CEO

Craig, a former Olympic pairs figure skater, transitioned from athletics to entrepreneurship seamlessly. His journey from the rink to the boardroom reflects his innate risk-taking nature and determination to excel.

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