Matt Fain, CEO, PopCapacity - How to make the right choice between in-house and outsourced dev teams? | Breakfast Bar Podcast Series
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How to make the right choice between in-house and outsourced dev teams?


Matt Fain

Matt Fain


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In this episode of Breakfast Bar Podcast Series, Oleg Sadikov, the co-founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA, as he sits down with Matt Fain, the Co-Founder and CEO of PopCapacity. From leveraging technology to solve industry challenges to navigating the complexities of warehousing and fulfillment operations, Matt offers invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of logistics. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out in the world of business, Matt's advice on talent acquisition, IT outsourcing, and the future of logistics will leave you inspired and informed.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Matt Fain's journey from sales to entrepreneurship in the logistics industry.

  • The founding story of PopCapacity and its mission to revolutionize logistics procurement.

  • Insights into the challenges and trends in warehousing and fulfillment operations.

  • The role of robotics and automation in warehouse operations.

  • Strategies for attracting and retaining top talent in a remote work environment.

  • The decision-making process behind balancing in-house and outsourced development teams.

  • Tips for ensuring effective collaboration between in-house and outsourced teams.

Join the Breakfast Bar to listen to engaging discussions guided by a prominent industry expert who willingly imparts a treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

Oleg Sadikov


Oleg Sadikov

Co-founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA

As a tech entrepreneur and founder of Devico and DeviQA, Oleg excels in shaping business strategy, forging partnerships, and driving innovative transformation.

Matt Fain


Matt Fain


Tech guy, family man, supply chain nerd, logistics expert.

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