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Top 7 AB Testing Tools That You Should Use in 2024

Top 7 AB Testing Tools That You Should Use in 2024
February 1, 2024


A/B testing gives you the power to test your new ideas like a science experiment. Change the color of a button on your website, edit the marketing copy or even change the velocity in your game. Mobile A/B testing lets you instantly understand the impact. But finding the best A/B mobile app testing tools can be a challenge. New tools are flooding the market, and there is a confusing mix of free, paid, beta and open source. What to choose? We offer you this overview of top A/B testing tools for mobile apps:

Top 7 AB Testing Tools

Taplytics (Free - Paid) - Taplytics is available for iOS and Android app testing tool.Taplytics is an A/B testing tool that lets you make live changes without App Store updates. This is a big deal for mobile because many platforms don't allow for fast iterations. Taplytics makes it easy for PMs and Marketers to test anything in their apps without needing to know how to code. You can even make visual changes, iterate with more complex features, and work with cross-functional teams with all the tools everyone on the team needs to drive improvements. This tool helps you test everything from your button colors to game physics. Main pros of this tool are that it's easy to use and comprehend, supports localization which is great if you're targeting specific markets and regions and it is not difficult to install (just copy and paste the code and within 5 minutes you'd be ready to go).
Apptimize (Paid) - Apptimize is available on iOS and Android and one of the A/B testing tools for mobile apps that is becoming popular. Like Taplytics, Apptimize gives you the power to make changes in real-time. So you can make new experiments anytime you want without re-submitting to the App Store. Apptimize is not just an A/B testing tool. You get really powerful feature flagging features that help you roll out new features to certain users. You can even hide the feature for certain groups of users during your A/B test. This is really helpful when you're testing which features users actually want or which features bring in revenue. Apptimize can be used as mobile app automation testing tools for A/B testing.
Abba (Free) - Abba is the open source app A/B testing tool. Abba has only basic multi-variant support. But this is enough because most app development teams don't need more than the basic A/B testing tool features anyway. Abba is based on JS and requires self-hosting to control your tests and see analytics. It does come with a dashboard that lets you filter by date, and browser. Setup requires Ruby 1.9.3 and Mongo. If your mobile app is based on Javascript and you know a thing or two about setting up servers, this is for you. In fact, Abba is also can be used as iOS app testing tool.
Splitforce (Free - Paid) - tool that helps you test everything from your button colors to game physics. Splitforce makes it easy to send out the winning A/B test variation with one click, what makes improving conversions simple and quick. It also supports localization which is a big deal if you have a localized app. Splitforce claims it's easy to install. You just copy and paste the code and in 5 minutes you're done with setting up the Splitforce. It is available on the iOS, Android, and Unity platform.
Convert (Paid) - provides multi-domain A/B, testing, tracking and development tools for jQuery, JS and CSS, with comprehensive reports. Edit your content without your need for infrastructure, with a visual WYSIWYG editor and easy stylesheet editing for dynamic content experiments. Have integration with Google Analytics. It has such benefits as: non-technical creation of A/B, multivariate, split tests, full test control with minimum and maximum test duration, automatic bounce and engagement measuring and behavioral tracking.
Oracle Maxymiser (Available on request) - not only a tool for A/B testing but also for website optimization, super-complex multivariate testing. In fact you can create simple A/B tests via this tool but it has lots of stuff for track and analyze customer behavior across all channels. Via this tool you can split traffic on your website so visitors experience different web page content on version A and version B of a page while you monitor visitor actions to choose the version that yields the highest conversion rate where they perform a desired action. Once you'll be ready to make a choice what version is better based on collected result, Oracle promises "one line of code, forever" deployment, for making a change to optimize your marketing is simple and quick.
Adobe Target (Paid) - one more solution for optimization, creating multivariable A/B testing and confidently target content as part of Adobe Marketing Cloud. It has intuitive user interface for performing testing, deliver relevant, engaging user experiences and optimization based on users behaviour to reach deeper engagement and more effective cross-selling. Adobe Target offers flexible testing to run not only multi-page tests, but tests across multiple channels. Other main pros of this tool are great analytics, very informal reports, cool support on on paid contracts.


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