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Some reasons why QA is an important thing for your app

By on 2017-12-04T00:00:00.000Z

For a number of years, quality assurance testing has been a crucial factor in the field of IT generally and in programming specifically. Software quality assurance testing can be defined as a review process to ensure the quality, comprehensiveness, and accuracy of a completely programmed software before its actual implementation. It consists of a series of activities carried out with an aim of locating bugs or errors in an application, software or a webpage so that it could be fixed before the end product is actually marketed to the final customer.

In other words, quality assurance testing or more commonly referred to as QA testing, is a process to review and ensure that an application or software is free from all error and mistakes. Now the main question is - why QA testing is vital for the software development? There are many examples throughout the history, when a faulty software has created havoc to a greater extent:

On 26th of April, 1994, a Chinese Airline was collapsed because of a software error, taking lives of 264 innocent people.

In April 1999, the most expensive accident had occurred in the history of America when a software error became the reason for the failure of a satellite launch, costing approximately \$1.2 Billion to the industry.

In 1985, a software bug caused the malfunction of a radiation therapy machine in a Canadian hospital, which gave extra radiation doses to the patients – where three people lost their lives while other three were critically injured.

During May, 1996, due to an error in a bank's software, accounts of more than 800 customers of a US bank were credited with \$900 million.

Apart from software, many websites and mobile applications are an integral means of connecting with the end users. With a sudden increase of mobile users in recent years (where the figures have reached up to 4.5 billion), many businesses and companies are competing with each other to develop such mobile applications, that are better in design and are more user friendly. In an effort to market their products before their competitors, many apps development companies completely forget about the Q/A testing and release their application before their competitors can. Although this planning can work from a purely strategic point of view, but it cannot remain viable for a long-run.

Launching mobile applications or even web applications without proper quality assurance testing can lead to greater damages than initially expected. Such challenges may include but not limited to decrease in users' interest rate, unsatisfactory user response, software bugs, technical problems and so on. You can also lose your valuable customers in the long run. Here are some potential reasons as to why QA testing is critical to the success of your mobile or web-based application:

Helps you get rid of future problems of the product – Even though you perceive your application to be faultless and error-free, QA testing definitely minimizes the risks of bugs and technical issues in future. Moreover, when you are sure about the impeccability of your application, you will be able to market it more confidently.

Identifies the problems at initial stages – QA testing assists you in identifying the technical issues at the budding phase, because once the application is introduced to the users, it becomes very difficult to modify it. Why? Because people have already start using it and any smaller change at that stage might create many other bugs in the application. Moreover, releasing the updated app is an additional challenge and requires additional cost. While Quality assurance testing does not guarantee 100% error-free application, but it helps to fix most of the potential error that may cause trouble in the future.

Improves user engagement – the major aim of any mobile or web application is to give its users an optimum experience level. Quality assurance testing helps you to achieve that aim. If you want to get the best feedbacks from users, you will have to critically review your application before launching it. According to a recent research study conducted by Techbeacon, more than 50% users delete or uninstall an application if they experience any form of application malfunction, crash or freezing. Quality assurance testing assist you in reducing the risks of application malfunction and improves the overall user experience and app-functionality.

Enhances the reputation of your brand – everyone will agree to the fact that the image/reputation of any brand is reinforced by a happy user. Satisfied users of any application are more likely to further refer it to their social circle. Hence, in order to convert your hardwork into a success application, it is important that you test your application thoroughly. QA testing will help you to create a strong brand image and reputation for your application.

Help save cost in the long term – Launching an un-tested mobile/web application will obviously cost you more in the long-term in a number of ways including but not limited to bad reviews & feedback, penalization from app store, uninstalling of app, fewer installations, and reduced user retention levels. Other than that, if the app contains bugs and errors, it will cost you double to fix them and the damage is not just in monetary terms. You are putting your company's reputation and brand image at stake.

Hence, you should seriously consider about getting your application evaluated by a quality assurance service provider. A professional QA expert would critically review your app and would assess it much better than your developers/programmers can do.