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Performance Testing Company

DeviQA is a performance testing company; our services include software, mobile, and web applications performance testing. We are determining the scalability, stability, and performance of your software. Based on our experience, we can offer high-quality testing services to our customers. To make sure of our professionalism, we are ready to offer a free trial period. During this trial period, you are finally convinced that you have chosen the right performance testing company.

Why you need performance testing?

Your application is slow

You expect a large increase of users for your application

You want to check how your application will work under high load

You want to make sure that your application will quickly restart and save all data after it goes down

You want to measure performance compared to the old and new versions of the application

You are planning to go live soon and do not want to disappoint your clients due to low performance

years of performance testing experience
performance test suites developed
performance tests engineers
testing frameworks used
hours spent
projects were under the load

Let's identify issues before they impacts your application.

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How we work

Many performance testing companies hide the entire testing process. Our company is fully open, and we are ready to provide a complete report of the processes that we carry out in our work.

Covering as many simple API requests as possible

Creating complicated scenarios for reproducing real user experiences

Running simple threads with massive amounts of data

Running hundreds of thousands of API requests, either all at once, or increasingly

Monitoring your servers during all tests

Generating reports with clear information about the system status

Move solution to the cloud for simple running

Using external machines for generation distributed high-load requests

Typical process


Analyze the backend structure of the application


Familiarization with your process


Create a scope of API requests for testing


Run API calls in 100/1000/10000 threads at the same time


Save and analyze test run results


Collect performance metrics

Results of Performance Testing Company Work

Simple and clean picture of how your application works when 100/1000/10000 users try to access it at once

A Clear understanding of how many users can access the application at once without loss in speed and quality

Understanding how your team will work in case of your application goes down

Types of Performance Testing Services

Performance Testing Services is a type of software testing that can define how quickly and stable your application will work under the expected workload. Using performance tests, you can check your hardware resources usage and the quality of your application code is.

Load Testing Services allows you to measure how long the application will work under the high or increasing load.

Stress testing will measure how your application will work with a max amount of users coming in at the same time.



how quickly the application responds


the maximum load that the application can handle


if application is stable under this load

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Popular Questions

When do you need performance testing?

In general, performance testing is required between the last phase of testing and releasing/publishing the application. It’s good for checking for instabilities in the system to ensure that all parts of the application are stable in scope for current hardware configuration.

If your application already works in production mode, you may also need performance testing to be sure that current users don’t have any problems accessing application even in high-load hours.

What measurement can be covered by performance testing?


Process load


Memory Load


I/O wait


Request Transfer speed


Response Time




Load Balancing



What are the advantages and disadvantages of performance testing?



You will know how your system works under pressure


You will know how many users can work with your application at once


You will know how many resources are used by your system


You will know what your team should do if the system goes down


You will know how fast your system will respond under high pressure



Your system will fail occasionally during testing


Your test server should have the same resources as your production server


Sometimes it’s hard to build related scenarios for testing the full user experience

What tools are you using to generate your performance test report?

It is not possible to generate full performance test reports with some tools because we are providing detailed explanations of what application bottlenecks are and how to fix them. That’s why we are using a mix. We are receiving results from performance tests, and after that, we are providing simple-to-understand explanations and graphs.

Can I run tests on different environments without additional coding?

Definitely. We are not hardcoding variables related to environments. You will be able to change all of these variables from the config file.

What information is required to start performance testing?


Define requirements for performance testing


Provide access to environments used for the test

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