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QA Control and Advisory Services

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Ensuring the reliability, efficiency, and compliance of QA processes has become paramount. QA control and advisory play a pivotal role in mitigating potential risks, optimizing operational workflows, and elevating overall quality standards. From efficient testing methodology implementation to proactive advisory support, QA control and advisory services empower businesses to confidently navigate the complexities of software testing.

When Do You Need QA Control and Advisory Services?

Absence of specialized QA knowledge within your team, and you need to bring in real QA experts to ensure your software meets high standards.

You want to set up strong QA processes from the start to avoid expensive mistakes later on.

Your company is undergoing a digital transformation and needs to mitigate risks and ensure high-quality digital experiences.

You are looking to get an objective assessment of existing QA processes and improve product quality and efficiency.

You are not satisfied with the current quality of your product and the abundance of bugs reported by your customers.

If there's a significant increase in development time and costs due to inefficient or redundant testing processes.

Our Approach to QA Control and Advisory Services

With our holistic approach to QA control and advisory services, you can rest assured that your projects will meet the highest quality, reliability, and performance standards.

Strategic Analysis

We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of your current QA processes, approaches, and methodologies to understand your unique challenges and opportunities.

Strategy Design

Based on our analysis, we design a tailored QA strategy that aligns with your business objectives.

Testing Process Optimization

We streamline and optimize your testing processes, leveraging industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Risk Management

Our team identifies and mitigates potential risks proactively, ensuring that your software products are delivered on time and within budget without compromising quality.

Monitoring and Reporting

DeviQA provides ongoing monitoring and reporting, offering transparent insights and actionable recommendations for improvement.

Education and Development

We empower your team with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in QA. Through targeted education and training programs, we help cultivate a culture of quality throughout your organization.

Continuous Improvement

We remain committed to supporting you in refining and optimizing your QA processes, driving continuous improvement and innovation.

Our Solutions for Challenges Associated with Quality Assurance

We recognize the complexities that come with quality assurance. A proactive approach is needed to overcome the challenges that may hinder your business growth.

Inconsistent Quality Standards


Maintaining uniform quality standards across diverse projects and teams can be a daunting task. Variations in processes and methodologies often lead to inconsistencies, impacting overall quality control.


DeviQA conducts a comprehensive assessment of your current quality standards. Then, we streamline processes, implement standardized protocols, and provide ongoing support to ensure consistent quality across your organization.

Regulatory Compliance Complexities


Compliance with complex and constantly changing regulatory requirements poses a significant challenge. Non-compliance, in turn, can result in severe legal and financial consequences, affecting your business operation, brand reputation, and bottom line.


Staying up-to-date with changes in industry regulations, our team of experts conducts regular audits, offers strategic advisory services, and provides real-time updates, ensuring your organization remains compliant and resilient in the face of regulatory changes.

Lack of Scalability in QA Processes


As your business expands, scalability becomes crucial. Traditional QA processes may struggle to adapt, leading to bottlenecks, delays, and a decline in overall efficiency.


At DeviQA, we analyze your current processes, implement scalable frameworks, and introduce automation where necessary. This ensures that your QA processes remain agile and efficient, regardless of the scale of your operations.

We serve

Our expertise and resources allow us to cover the unique needs of each project, ensuring the delivery of high-quality software that meets users’ requirements and business goals.

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Test coverage :



2.5 weeks to run regression testing

1 day to run regression testing

7 days to run smoke testing

1 day to run smoke testing

Outdated test cases

60% increase in the number of regression tests and relevant test cases

50% test coverage

90% test coverage

Supported localizations were not tested

27 localizations supported by QA engineers

No automation testing

>1500 automated test scenarios created

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Dev capacity:



Didn’t have a formal QA process

Built smooth and well-working processes

Didn’t make automated testing

Test automation : smoke, API, UI on all supported browsers

Testing was carried out by the devs

Full coverage of the application by test cases

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Test coverage :



Existing workflow in Jira didn’t allow to understand how many bugs were left unfixed before the release and their priorities

Adjusted the Jira workflow, integrated TestRail with Jira to be able to see statisticls of the issues per release

The lack of test documentation

Developed necessary test artifacts that adhere to industry standards and are easily maintainable

No Automation test coverage

Added multithreading to run tests in parallel on 10 different threads, which reduced the time of the test run in 7 times

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