Danny He, Founder & CEO, Soapbox - How to build high-performance offshore teams in software engineering? | Breakfast Bar Podcast Series
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How to build high-performance offshore teams in software engineering?


Danny He

Danny He

Founder & CEO

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In this episode of Breakfast Bar Podcast Series, Oleg Sadikov, the Co-Founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA, engages in a conversation with Danny He, the visionary Founder and CEO at Soapbox Inc., a cutting-edge technology company specializing in supply chain, logistics, and fulfillment solutions. Whether you're in the tech industry or fascinated by the complexities of supply chain management, this episode provides valuable insights and advice from a seasoned entrepreneur вat the forefront of revolutionizing the supply chain tech landscape.

Join us as we discuss:

  • The gaps in supply chain technology that led to the creation of Soapbox.

  • The struggle to seamlessly integrate various tech solutions.

  • Soapbox's unique tech approach, employing tightly-railed software and minimal customizations, empowering customers to innovate within set boundaries.

  • Insights into the potential for full vertical integration and increased transparency in shipping and fulfillment.

  • AI's limited impact due to the industry's focus on the intersection of digital and physical processes.

  • How Soapbox stays updated with industry developments through a dedicated team and networking.

  • Talent acquisition challenges faced by the CEO of a pre-series A startup.

  • Insights into Soapbox's experiences with IT outsourcing.

Join the Breakfast Bar to listen to engaging discussions guided by a prominent industry expert who willingly imparts a treasure trove of knowledge and experience.

Oleg Sadikov


Oleg Sadikov

Co-Founder and CEO at Devico & DeviQA

As a tech entrepreneur and founder of Devico and DeviQA, Oleg excels in shaping business strategy, forging partnerships, and driving innovative transformation.

Danny He


Danny He

Founder & CEO

Danny leverages his extensive background in technology and business to address critical gaps in supply chain logistics fulfillment.

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